Top 10 tips To Clean Yellow Teeth

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No matter how attractive you are, but if your mouth is a ‘tar-hub’ and if you have yellow teeth then beauty is useless. Teeth make one’s smile cute and if your teeth are healthy, you can win almost everything.

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Here are some tips that can help you in getting rid of yellow teeth.


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Use Lemon Skin:

Peel the skin of the slices of lemons off. Once peeled take one slice and chew on it as if it was a piece of gum. Move it around in your mouth from one side to the next, and towards the front of your mouth. This should be for about 10 minutes. Use your hand to massage your teeth in a circular motion. Rinse your mouth with sea salt water.

2. Brush Regularly:

You should brush your teeth at least two or three times a day. Remember, the longer that a food or beverage remains in contacts with your teeth, the greater chance you have of them turning yellow.

3. Use A Whitening Mouthwash:

This is perhaps the easiest method of cleaning the tar. All you need to do is swish it around your mouth for about a minute. However, these are usually only effective if your teeth are only very mildly stained because the whitening agents are only on your teeth for a short amount of time.

4. Baking Soda:

Brushing your teeth with baking soda is also helpful. It is commonly available as a food item.

5. Strawberry Pulp Can Bleach The Tar Away:

The pulp of a strawberry is supposed to have bleaching effect. It is better than the baking soda as it provides better cleaning and good taste is a bonus.

6. Go To The Dentist:

Dentists usually use Hydrogen Peroxide for the purpose as it is a faster and more powerful method.

7. Use Carabemide Peroxide:

The cheaper alternative to removing stains in-office is the in-home method of teeth whitening using Carabamide Peroxide teeth whitening kits, although Carabamide Peroxide has a third of the strength of hydrogen peroxide. Most of these kits contain easy to use, one-size-fits-all, whitening trays, paint-on applicators or whitening strips.

8. Whitening Strips:

Whitening strips can be placed on the teeth, one or two times a day, and will last up to one year if they work. Make sure each tooth is evenly covered.

9. Floss regularly And Correctly:

Toothbrush can’t reach each and every place in between the teeth. So use of floss is recommended. Using 1.5 feet of floss, wind each end securely on both your middle fingers and use gentle back and forth

10. Try This:

Mix 15 mL of baking soda to a pinch of salt in a ceramic cup and brush. Generic toothpastes might contain more abrasives or have lower fluoride which also won’t be effective as the best teeth whitening paste.

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  1. Pop

    I have yellow teeth for years now I’m getting married in 4 weeks I really would like to have white teeth for the biggeste day of my life.Please can u help me to get my teeth white again please please.

  2. Harpreet Kaur

    I’ve yellowish front’s teeth.. I really feel ugly about them. Plz post a method to remove yellowish..:?:

  3. Ruth

    I’ve yellowish front two teeth.. I really feel ugly about them. Plz post a method to remove yellowish..